So you are thinking about getting a Labrador Retriever?

I always tell people that come by the kennel that I could spend hours telling them about all
the reasons that Labs are my #1 breed of choice. However, what makes a Lab perfect for
me, may not make it perfect for you. I live on a ranch with plenty of room for the dogs. My
husband and I are avid hunters and we compete the dogs regularly at conformation
events. We have the time and the space for large dogs. We also invested a lot of time
getting to know this breed. I understand that the Lab needs a job and do my best to find
one for them that does not involve chewing up my sprinklers, or digging a hole to China in
my flower beds. We have a young child in our household and would never tolerate
aggressive behavior in our animals, it is one of the reason that we started with Labs to
begin with. I need to have absolute trust in my daughters companions. Now, I know that
not everyone lives on a ranch and not everyone hunts, but these are smart animals bred to
work in the field.

I created this section of our website for two purposes, to help prospective puppy buyers
decide if a Lab is right for them and to provide a resource to new puppy owners. I always
get questions about what books to buy, what to get before the puppy goes home, etc. And
while we are always just a phone call or email away... This is one other way to help you to
get the information you need.

Articles to get you started.

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Puppy Owner Information

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