Four K'S Heartbeat Of America
Owned by Hoppe Family of Fresno.
Four K'S Fairie Queen
"Tatiana or Tottie"
Owned by Giusti Family.

I hope that you and your family are doing well and that business is good.

Almost 5 years ago, we became the lucky owners of one of your dogs when she was 6 months old. "Four K's Fairie
Queen Tatiana" or just Tottie to us.

We have been thinking to send you pictures for a while and with the speed of life it never happened. Sorry for the
When we picked Tottie up, your daughter was very attached, as she must be with all, and we promised we would
take good care of her, pet her, have room for her to run and make sure she lived a wonderful life.

We want to share that we kept our promise and while we are not very good photographers, attached are some
pictures of Tottie, almost 5 years old.

Tottie loves being outside, swimming, fetching and just being around everyone. She especially likes her neck
skritched and her tummy rubbed.

We also want to say that Tottie is and has always been the best dog we have ever owned. The pictures may not
show her classic markings, otter tail, big ole square head and classic lab lines, but in addition to being beautiful,
she is so smart too. She is very well behaved, very social with other animals and people without being
rambunctious and truly has only barked, literally, 5 times in her life! 4 times separate times when she got spooked
in the dark and once when a big Catfish swam by the boat. I think she was saying "Hey, there's a big one over
here!" It is a real big deep bark, too.

Anyway, we wanted to say hi, share how Tottie is doing and say thanks. You truly breed exceptional dogs that are
healthy, beautiful and a joy to own.

Say Hi for us and Tottie to all of the FourKLabs family!

- Jim & Michelle Giusti
Four K'S Loki
Owned by
Blue-berry Labradors of Germany. Click for more
photos of Loki.
Other Four K children loved around the world.
loves retrieving birds and bumpers while also being a good
family pet.  Wife and I are novices who share in his obedience
and retrieving training. "Link" is easy to train, wants to please,
eager to work on land or water, and can take rough duck hunting
weather.  He also travels well, loves people and is good with our
2 year old grandson.  

Scott understood that we wanted a good duck dog that would
also be a good pet, Link is both making him a pleasure to own!

John/Sue Roselli
San Mateo