Puppies & Planned Breedings
We reserve the right to the first two picks of both sexes from each litter for our
own breeding program. Show quality pups are reserved for show homes. All
puppies are sold AKC limited registration on spay/neuter contracts to protect
the future quality of their lives.
health conditions of our breed (hips, elbows, and eyes). We also microchip all
our pups with to help them find their way home.

Please call 559-289-1695 for information about current and future litters.

Deposits accepted to secure first choice of litter by color/sex and field or show.

Planned Chocolate litter from our field lines. Fall/Winter 2015
URO1 MHR Acedo’s Tucker CD RE MH NA

Four K's California Girl JH
Just wanted you know Luna is indeed the
GREATEST!!! She is challenge but for a 9
month old she is doing just fine. Everyone falls
in love with her beautiful face. It's been fun for
both of us & de-
initely we must be active senior citzens & that's
a plus. So glad we went to the Sport Show &
6 weeks of training indeed She would have
taken over if  she didn't
know to sit..heel..here.  Thanks for raising such
a great dog..........Tom & Shirley Kepler
Well, Chudleigh is a year
old now and SUCH a good
boy....I've been doing more
training with him, and our
trainer says he is soooo
easy....very smart and
co-operative and could be
cute, and people are always
telling me this....
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Submitted by: Randy king on Aug 01, 2012
Kinda new at this but I'll give it a shot ! Just wanted to go out of my way to say special thanks to Scott and Christine probably most of his clients
buy their dogs with hunting in mind and although he in my opinion breeds and sells the best hunting dogs their are ! He also sells the best family
oriented dogs there are !!! That's where I come in i've had several labs all purchased from a typical backyard breeder I just didn't know any better
and thought there wasn't any difference ! Well after thousands of dollars and bad health problems I decided to go to a breeder ! Scott came highly
recommend he didn't choose the dog I wanted he chose the dog that was perfect for my lifestyle ! What I got was the most loyal amazing
companion I've ever had ! He goes everywhere I go never leaves my side and has truly changed my life ! To this day I keep in touch with Scott by
email he's fast proficient and always wants to know how Duke is doing we never miss a sportsman show Scott puts on and duke is right by my
side as obedient as he can be !! So even if your not ever gonna use your dog to hunt and just want an amazing companion Scott and Christine will
not only be by your side every step of the way but will change your life !! Thanks again for reading hope you have a good day !!!! Randy King

Submitted by: Randy Ingram on Jun 14, 2012
I've only hunted ducks for 3 years now, and I'm so hooked that I decided it was time for a hunting dog. Having years of experience with animals in
the Ag. world, and dog owners for pig and deer hunting, I had a basic idea of what I was looking for in terms of a dog breeder. Or so I thought!
Scott and Christine Kovacevich exceeded any and all preconceived expectations of what a professional dog breeder is and what they provide. I
shared with them my desires in a Labrador retriever, informed them that I was a real rookie at this, and they took it from there. The patience they
displayed with all of my questions (even the ones I repeated over and over)was dealt with in the most caring and understanding manner. I also
quickly realized the integrity and honesty of their answers, after having talked, beforehand, with other hunting dog owners who had dealt with
numerous dog breeders in the past. It was very reassuring to me that I was dealing with a professional dog breeder who not only cared a great
deal about his clients needs, but that of their dogs and what kind of home they would be going to. Scott is the rare breed of man now a days, who
when he shakes your hand, you know you have a man of his word, and will bend over backwards to bring together the perfect hunting dog/owner
relationship. My dog Teazer, is just that. Very intelligent, outgoing, brave, and a wonderful caring pup who is already, at ten weeks, quickly
learning the basic commands for dog ownership and safety. He's a very outgoing pup who loves to explore, play, and be around all family
members. I can't wait to start the training for duck, pheasant, geese, and other exciting birds, with my new member of our family. If you're looking
for a breeder who won't beat around the bush, tells it like it is,and does so with integrity, honesty and professionalism,then Scott is definitely your
hunting dog breeder. He listens, quickly responds to any phone messages or texts, and does follow up calls to make sure things are going
smoothly for you and your dog. With out a doubt I highly recommend Scott and Christine to anybody who is looking for quality dogs with
incredible pedigrees. Some of the finest in the hunting world!